Box of Delights

I’m posting this here just to remind me how good it is. This is the title sequence to The Box of Delights shown on BBC1 during Christmas 1984. Not only does watching it give me a huge sense of nostalgia but I’m also still impressed with how sophisticated it is for a children’s programme. True, the movements might be a little rough, due to the limitations of the technology at the time, but everything else is spot on. The use of still images with simple transitions combined with the haunting music is fantastic. I love the way the music is unnerving to begin with but then changes to a more comforting style with the appearance of Patrick Troughton and the box, before finally transforming into a traditional carol to give it a familiar Christmassy feel. Excellent stuff. [youtube]

Merry Christmas!

I’m unlikely to update the web site over the next couple of weeks. That will make a change. However, in the new year I plan to start regular updates on the site. I will also be making a concerted effort to get on with my film. At the moment I’m making Christmas Cards for friends and family. Here is one of my cards from last year. Have a Happy New Year as well!