Overdue Update

Hello? Are you still there? Whoever you are. Yes, it’s an update to the site. Finally! Regular viewers my have noticed that this page has changed very slightly. I’ve blogified it. This means that it should be a bit easier to add new stuff to the page. It also keeps it neater and adds a lovely search function. I don’t think the RSS thing is working. I really don’t think you’re going to need it though. However, you can always tell me because now there are these comment things at the bottom of each post. So you, lonely reader, can communicate right back at me. I doubt you will though, you’re very quiet. But wait there’s more. I’ve also added a new project to the site. It’s a short article on the making of this year’s Animated Encounters Festival trailer. So go and check out all the details you never wanted to know about it’s production. Right that’s enough excitement for now.

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