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  • My French is rubbish

    My French is rubbish

    A recent trip to France confirmed to me that I have forgotten most of what I ever learnt in GCSE French. Luckily the people we were visiting spoke very good English. Of course this just made me feel even more stupid. Now here is some French animation to rub it in further. Follow the link […]

  • The Yuyu

    The Yuyu

    A quick post. I know. I haven’t done anything to the site in ages. I’m sorry. I really don’t think anyone notices though. Anyway, I’m slowly thinking about some updates that I need to do. So I’ll try and give myself a push. In the meantime take a look at the latest animation from Adam […]

  • noitulovE


    The new Guinness commercial is a fantastic mix of live action, CG animation and bread. The clever bods at Framestore created it in just three and a half months. Follow the link to read about its creation. Link Once on the page click on ‘Quicktime’ to view the final commercial.

  • New Pixar Short

    New Pixar Short

    Ooh it’s always exciting hearing about new films from Pixar. In this case it’s a new short film called Bounding™. It’s based on a song and features a singing and dancing lamb. Take a look at an article that discusses the making of the film here.