Whats This All About?


I am a professional animator working for A Productions Ltd in Bristol UK. This web site is designed as an area where I can exhibit some of my animation work as well as other little projects. As time goes by I hope to expand the site with new information and details of how I create my animations.

Why is it called Subtraction?

A lot of my work is minimalist. I like to reduce movement and image to their bare bones. Effectively I’m subtracting the non essentials. This allows a greater focus on what is important. I use simple bold visuals to convey my ideas. This means that I don’t get bogged down producing colourful and detailed images. That might make me sound lazy but otherwise I’d just get bored and never get anything finished.

The less pretentious answers to the question are…

Number 1: Look! It’s got the word “action” in there. Action is like what animation is, init?

Number 2: I get to draw a submarine/tank hybrid. Sub-traction, do you see?

Number 3: My hosting company is Plus.net which means that I have to have ‘plus.com’ on the end of my web address. Having the word subtraction before it looks like the whole address is deliberate and thus I avoid having to buy a proper domain name. I would have gone for the word ‘subtract’ but someone had already used it. Try going to his site. There’s nothing there! What a waste.

Number 4: I think it sounds cool. Unfortunately I don’t think I can get away with saying the word ‘cool.’ It’s just not me.

Where are the best bits?

Principally I’ve created this web site to encourage me to work on my own projects. The idea is that I will feel a responsibility to you, the reader, to keep the site up to date on my personal projects. Therefore the most important part of this site is the Projects section. You’ll be able to see what I’m currently up to with a kind of diary of events as I slowly complete my films. At least that’s the plan.

Other than the Projects section I’m hoping that the Pin Board will be an interesting area to snoop around. I’ll be adding more odd things to the board as I find them.

The World of Animation is an area where I’ll generally stick stuff that has interested me in the wider world of animation. You’ll find news stories, links to other sites and occasionally my opinions. Plus, if there is anything animation related that you would like to know then send me an email and I’ll pop some more info up, just for you. I not going to pretend that I’m some kind of animation mastermind but I’d be interested in your questions.

Thanks for visiting!

This is the first web site that I have ever created so it might be a bit rough around the edges. Let me know what you think and if you have any problems viewing it.

I hope you enjoy the site and come back from time to time to see if I actually manage to update it.