What is the Subtraction Archive?

Subtraction was my original web site that I built many years ago.  Sadly I didn’t update it as often as I should and it fell into disrepair.  This was in the days where every new entry had to be built as an HTML page and uploaded.
Once I had decided to move to a blog based system it seemed a perfect opportunity to retire the old site and come up with something new.  So Mister Paul Hill was born, so to speak.  However, I didn’t want to lose all that I had done with the original site so I have painstakingly recreated it here.  The whole site has been transferred into the blog structure of this new site.  Which means it can be easily searched for the first time.  I’ve also transferred all the original QuickTime movies to YouTube.  I’ve even added some clips which never existed on the original site.
There may still be a few errors present.  So if you spot any please let me know.  It’s been a bit of a challenge translating the original HTML formatted pages to this new system.
I hope you still find something interesting within its dusty pages.  Looking back at it myself it’s depressing seeing so many unfinished projects.
Hopefully the new site will invigorate me creatively.  Perhaps I’ll return to those incomplete projects.  Perhaps I’ll read this in a few years and laugh.
Thanks for visiting.