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Here are yet more members of A productions for you to peruse.




This is Katherine. She’s the PA on Boo.

In this picture she is either pretending to fix a computer or breaking it.






Here is Katherine talking. I find it best at moments like this to nod and agree. That way you can save yourself from various forms of verbal and physical abuse.

Actually since I’m not very talkative, Katherine is an ideal person to have a conversation with. There’s so little for me to do.




This is Damian. Sadly no longer with us. He’s not dead. He leaves Boo to possibly become an international animator.

Go visit him over at his web site





This is Andy. Another animator on Boo.

Just as this photo was taken the wind changed and he’s been stuck like this ever since. The doctors can’t do a thing. Terrible.





Dave Cropley, one of A Productions traditional 2D animators.

He’s always miserable. Look at him. Cheer up Dave!




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