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Below you will find grainy pictures of people who, unless you are a friend or relative, you won’t actually know or care about. Please try to feign interest. Thanks.




This is Mark Taylor, the boss of A Productions.

Here we can see him enjoying his time directing Boo!

Boo is a CGI series for 3 to 4 year olds currently on BBC 2 and soon to be on screens around the world!






Goodness! Look it’s me! Always the life and soul of the party.

I do various computer related things. Animation, compositing, that sort of thing. It’s what I’ll be talking to you about at the party.






Here’s Ian. He does… oooh… stuff on Boo. I’m not entirely sure what he does actually, but it seems to involve plenty of swearing and rudeness.

Here he is just about to give someone a “whooping” at table football (possibly).





Duncan is the head animator on Boo and generally tells everyone what they should be doing after Mark has told him what he should be doing.

Please though, don’t get him drunk and most certainly don’t get him angry.





Picture removed for legal reasons




Libby, the only lady animator on the Boo team.

Libby is able to consume three times her body weight in a single day. Yet she does not change size. Curious.








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