Sun at New York International Children’s Film Festival

NYICFFI’m happy to announce that Sun will be shown at the New York International Children’s Film Festival in March.

The film will screen as part of the SHORT FILMS 2 program on the following dates and venues.

Sunday, March 9, 3:30pm SVA

Sunday, March 16, 1:30pm SVA

Saturday, March 22, 6:00pm The Scholastic Theater

Saturday, March 29, 3:00pm The Scholastic Theater



Sun Poster

This year I directed a short film called Sun.  It was actually an idea I came up with about six years ago but never got around to making.  Finally at the end of 2012 we had some spare time at A Productions.  So I was able to employ the skills of Phil Parker, one of A Productions’ resident animators.

Using my thumbnail storyboard Phil started animating each section of the film.  I don’t think we even created an animatic.  The timing was just adjusted as we went along.  Phil worked in black and white using Flash.Sun-Example-ImageOnce we were happy with the animation I set about adding colour and various painterly effects in After Effects.  Although, I did like the plain black and white version.

I was then put in touch with a young composer called Joe Donohoe who built up the score from my basic instructions.  “More bass.  I want a cello.  Can we have bass drums?  Bass!”

Finally I added a few sound effects to the mix.  Many of these involved me tapping or dragging my fingers on the carpet.  A bit strange.

I’m very pleased with the film and I thank Phil and Joe for their hard work.

My task now is to enter it into some festivals.  It’s already been accepted at Encounters Short Film Festival and has even made it into their, 90 seconds or under, Depict competition.  Please go and take a look for yourself and if you are very nice why not rate it while you’re at it.


Below you can see the first and only sketchbook notes that I made for the film all those years ago.  The idea basically came out of my head fully formed.

Sun-Storyboard-Page1 Sun-Storyboard-Page2


Look!  It’s my new web site featuring the old web site!  It’s got a more accurate and descriptive name too!  So no more will you have to wonder why the old web site was called Subtraction.

Yes, you may notice that although it looks a lot different to my old site it still mostly contains all the old web site content.  So you can still marvel at all those unfinished projects that I mentioned years ago.  For those of you who miss the charms of Subtraction I have recreated the entire site here as well.  Just take a look at the links at the top of this page.  It took some doing as the original site was never designed for this blog-like structure.  So please forgive any odd formatting quirks.  But please let me know if you find any dead links.  There’s sure to be some I’ve missed.

Anyway, back to the new.  The idea is to really try to keep this one updated with my own bits and pieces of creativity as well as any other things that I think may be of interest.  So lets see how I get on.


Oh and feel free to contact me if you want.

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Oh dear. What’s happened then? Where are the regular updates? Well, the truth is I don’t have any very good excuses. We are currently in production on a new 2D series at A Productions and work seems to be constant and unending. Really this is a good thing. I’m lucky. There are many people out there in the animation industry who would love to be in constant work. However, I do tend to feel a bit numbed by it all. When I get home I just want to veg out in front of the TV. That’s bad and I feel bad for doing it. However, it’s just very easy to do. On the plus side I’ve been asked to create the Animated Encounters Festival trailer again this year. I already have an idea of what I want to do. However, I’m leaving the actual animation to someone else. I’ll be directing and compositing the piece. It’s exciting because it is like being commissioned to make a little film. The only problem is that I have to fit it in around my other work. Once it’s finished I’ll put some stuff about its creation on the web site.