Sun Poster

This year I directed a short film called Sun.  It was actually an idea I came up with about six years ago but never got around to making.  Finally at the end of 2012 we had some spare time at A Productions.  So I was able to employ the skills of Phil Parker, one of A Productions’ resident animators.

Using my thumbnail storyboard Phil started animating each section of the film.  I don’t think we even created an animatic.  The timing was just adjusted as we went along.  Phil worked in black and white using Flash.Sun-Example-ImageOnce we were happy with the animation I set about adding colour and various painterly effects in After Effects.  Although, I did like the plain black and white version.

I was then put in touch with a young composer called Joe Donohoe who built up the score from my basic instructions.  “More bass.  I want a cello.  Can we have bass drums?  Bass!”

Finally I added a few sound effects to the mix.  Many of these involved me tapping or dragging my fingers on the carpet.  A bit strange.

I’m very pleased with the film and I thank Phil and Joe for their hard work.

My task now is to enter it into some festivals.  It’s already been accepted at Encounters Short Film Festival and has even made it into their, 90 seconds or under, Depict competition.  Please go and take a look for yourself and if you are very nice why not rate it while you’re at it.


Below you can see the first and only sketchbook notes that I made for the film all those years ago.  The idea basically came out of my head fully formed.

Sun-Storyboard-Page1 Sun-Storyboard-Page2

Encounters Festival 2008 Trailer

Here is this year’s trailer for the Bristol Encounters Festival. This time I had some help. Kirsten Thacker created the 2D animation in Flash. Duncan Fraser worked on all the 3D stuff. Plus James T Lundie supplied the music again. There is a clearer version if you go to the YouTube site itself and click on “Watch in High Quality.” YouTube seems to have increased the contrast quite a bit so it’s lost a lot of detail in the picture. Oh well, not much I can do about that. [youtube]

Prince’s Rainforest Project

At the moment at A Productions we are working on a series of films for Prince Charles’ Rainforest Project. Each film is designed to raise awareness for their new web site and to highlight the various issues surrounding the rainforests of the world. Here is one of the first that I designed and created. [youtube] You can watch it in higher quality at YouTube, just click on “Watch in high quality” underneath.

Charlie Harper Book

Hello Yes, yes, I know it’s been another age since my last post. I’m sorry. Thanks to David Evans for nagging me about it. I plan to add a couple of extra things to the site soon. In the meantime here is a little book recommendation for you. In fact it’s a BIG book recommendation.


Charlie Harper: An Illustrated Life is a wonderful book. It contains 60 years worth of illustrations by the American artist. Which obviously means it’s a huge volume. Certainly not the sort of thing you can rest on your lap. It’s another book that I don’t have room on a shelf for. The illustrations themselves are beautifully simplistic geometric representations of animals, nature and humans. A lot of it looks like the kind of stuff you’d see produced by modern day computer illustrators. However, as far as I know, all the images were printed by hand. I may even consider buying an original print for my wall. Go check out this preview of the book.