Charlie Harper Book

Hello Yes, yes, I know it’s been another age since my last post. I’m sorry. Thanks to David Evans for nagging me about it. I plan to add a couple of extra things to the site soon. In the meantime here is a little book recommendation for you. In fact it’s a BIG book recommendation.


Charlie Harper: An Illustrated Life is a wonderful book. It contains 60 years worth of illustrations by the American artist. Which obviously means it’s a huge volume. Certainly not the sort of thing you can rest on your lap. It’s another book that I don’t have room on a shelf for. The illustrations themselves are beautifully simplistic geometric representations of animals, nature and humans. A lot of it looks like the kind of stuff you’d see produced by modern day computer illustrators. However, as far as I know, all the images were printed by hand. I may even consider buying an original print for my wall. Go check out this preview of the book.


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