Charlie Harper Book

Hello Yes, yes, I know it’s been another age since my last post. I’m sorry. Thanks to David Evans for nagging me about it. I plan to add a couple of extra things to the site soon. In the meantime here is a little book recommendation for you. In fact it’s a BIG book recommendation.


Charlie Harper: An Illustrated Life is a wonderful book. It contains 60 years worth of illustrations by the American artist. Which obviously means it’s a huge volume. Certainly not the sort of thing you can rest on your lap. It’s another book that I don’t have room on a shelf for. The illustrations themselves are beautifully simplistic geometric representations of animals, nature and humans. A lot of it looks like the kind of stuff you’d see produced by modern day computer illustrators. However, as far as I know, all the images were printed by hand. I may even consider buying an original print for my wall. Go check out this preview of the book.

My French is rubbish

A recent trip to France confirmed to me that I have forgotten most of what I ever learnt in GCSE French. Luckily the people we were visiting spoke very good English. Of course this just made me feel even more stupid. Now here is some French animation to rub it in further. Follow the link to see some lovely animations by students from the Gobelins animation school in France. Some, if not all, of them appear to have been made for the Annecy animation festival. If I could read the French on the page I could probably tell you for certain. Anyway click here to have a look see. Au revoir.

Blogs Away!

There has been a rash of new animation Blogs recently. Many of which have been created by the talented people at Uli Meyer Animation Studio. So here’s a list of links for you to peruse. Uli Meyer Matt Jones Gerben Steenks Joan Cabot John Nevarez Hans Bacher Stephanie Choi Marco Allard Stephane Kardos Neil Ross Jez Hall Paul McKeown Sean Hayden Gruesomestein’s Monsters Few! Thanks to Cartoon Brew, Drawn and the people of Skwigly Animation Forum for all the links that I nicked. Talking of Uli Meyer Studios, they have also donated some of their web space to the Eurovision Art Challenge. Every month a new theme is chosen. Members then enter an illustration based on that theme. All the members vote and and the winner gets to chose the new theme. Sadly they don’t get money. Check it out. There are some lovely illustrations.

Book Recommendations

It was Christmas recently… well… two months ago. Doesn’t time fly. Anyway, I got some lovely books which I thought I would recommend to you, the viewing reader. Animation Now!: This book gives an overview of the animation industry around the world. It profiles around 80 studios and artists. It contains loads of large colour pictures and is great to just flick through or spend some time reading. An added bonus is that you can learn French and German at the same time. Every bit of text is included in three languages. The Art of The Incredibles: Basically it’s pictures, lots of lovely development pictures from the huge Pixar/Brad Bird movie. The Complete Far Side: I’ve wanted to get this for a while. Now I finally have it. It is actually two books, the size of encyclopedias, containing every Far Side cartoon ever published. It weighs a tonne and is still sitting on my bedroom floor because I can’t find a shelf that can hold it. It’s a joy to behold and makes your legs go numb as it slowly cuts off the blood whilst resting it on your lap. As well as the cartoons it also features the occasional letter of complaint or bemusement from newspaper readers who just don’t get Gary Larson’s weird genius. Excellent.