Book Recommendations

It was Christmas recently… well… two months ago. Doesn’t time fly. Anyway, I got some lovely books which I thought I would recommend to you, the viewing reader. Animation Now!: This book gives an overview of the animation industry around the world. It profiles around 80 studios and artists. It contains loads of large colour pictures and is great to just flick through or spend some time reading. An added bonus is that you can learn French and German at the same time. Every bit of text is included in three languages. The Art of The Incredibles: Basically it’s pictures, lots of lovely development pictures from the huge Pixar/Brad Bird movie. The Complete Far Side: I’ve wanted to get this for a while. Now I finally have it. It is actually two books, the size of encyclopedias, containing every Far Side cartoon ever published. It weighs a tonne and is still sitting on my bedroom floor because I can’t find a shelf that can hold it. It’s a joy to behold and makes your legs go numb as it slowly cuts off the blood whilst resting it on your lap. As well as the cartoons it also features the occasional letter of complaint or bemusement from newspaper readers who just don’t get Gary Larson’s weird genius. Excellent.

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