A Silly Adventure

I always enjoyed the Fighting Fantasy game books when I was a child. Of course now we have computers, consoles, phones and tablets for our gaming needs. However, there are some companies that are bringing back the spirit of those adventure books to our electronical world.

Inkle Studios is one such company. They have been diligently translating the Steve Jackson Sorcery stories to iOS and Android operating systems. Jolly good they are too.

Inkle Studios have also created some online software that allow ordinary people like me to create their own text adventures. It’s called Inklewriter.

So, in a bid to relive my youth, I decided to write my own little adventure. It’s short and silly. Also, it’s likely quite irritating as you get killed often without warning. However, if you don’t get distracted, you’ll probably be fine.

Anyway, here it is.

Adventures of Distraction

Adventure Awaits!


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