A Silly Adventure

I always enjoyed the Fighting Fantasy game books when I was a child. Of course now we have computers, consoles, phones and tablets for our gaming needs. However, there are some companies that are bringing back the spirit of those adventure books to our electronical world.

Inkle Studios is one such company. They have been diligently translating the Steve Jackson Sorcery stories to iOS and Android operating systems. Jolly good they are too.

Inkle Studios have also created some online software that allow ordinary people like me to create their own text adventures. It’s called Inklewriter.

So, in a bid to relive my youth, I decided to write my own little adventure. It’s short and silly. Also, it’s likely quite irritating as you get killed often without warning. However, if you don’t get distracted, you’ll probably be fine.

Anyway, here it is.

Adventures of Distraction

Adventure Awaits!

Classic Christmas Card

Whilst rummaging through some stuff, I found this old Christmas card that I made. It must have been from around 1998. I should also have some other designs from that year. However, they are probably on an old floppy disk for my Amiga. Maybe I’ll have to dust off the machine to take a look.


Christmas Art

As usual at this time of year I have been designing Christmas cards for friends and family.  However, I also completed two additional little Christmas design projects.

Firstly, I was asked if I’d like to contribute a picture for the Skwigly web site advent calendar.  It seemed like a bit of fun, so I accepted.  For reasons unknown, even to myself, I drew Christmas tree missiles raining down on the surface of the Earth.  Cheery.




Lots of other great artists and illustrators also contributed to the calendar.  Go check them out.  I feel honoured to be in their company.

My second project was to design a card for A Productions.  My brief was that it could not include anything Christmas related.  That narrows down your choices for a Christmas card.  So I went for perhaps the well worn subject of a winter landscape.  But I do quite like stark images like this.


Kids Drawings

Whilst rummaging through some old stuff I found these images from my university days.  I believe they are from a book about, or at least featuring, drawings by children.  I think it may have been some kind of serious study.  I may be wrong, it was some time ago.  At the time, for whatever reason, I decided to add humorous and strange captions.  I can’t remember if there was any purpose for them or if it was just for fun.

Anyway, here they are.