Ink-Dot: Resolution

At the end of last year I was once again lucky enough to have my work selected for inclusion in the Ink-Dot exhibition.  As with all previous shows the artists were asked to create work based on a theme word and with a specified limited range of colours.  Additionally we were asked to use an oval template.

This time the theme word was Resolution.

I titled the piece ‘I Will Get There’

I had a tough time thinking of what I was going to do this time.  In particular, I found the addition of the oval template to be quite restrictive.  You can see that I took a little creative licence with that element in the end.

I started putting the image together on a Friday but lost confidence in it by the end of the evening and decided to leave it for a day.  On the Sunday I made only a few tweaks.  I still wasn’t very confident with it but I didn’t want to start over working it.  So I then sent it off for consideration and was greatly surprised when it was chosen for the exhibition.

With the perspective of time I am now a lot happier with the image.  It did well in the exhibition and sold better than my previous entry the year before.

Ink-Dot is a fun project to do and I look forward to trying out for the next.

If you are interested, the print is still available for purchase from the Ink-Dot web site.  While you are there be sure to check out the work of all the talented artists.

Below you’ll see the progress of the image in stages.


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