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Finding Nemo, Pixar’s latest CG extravaganza, finally gets released nationwide in UK cinemas on October 10th. It only took just over four months for it to reach us from the USA, thanks Disney.

If you like the film and have a multi-region DVD player you’ll be able to get the Region 1 DVD less than a month later on November 4th! Don’t expect the region 2 DVD until around Easter 2004.

This seems like a very odd release schedule especially when most studios are fiercely trying to combat piracy by releasing their movies worldwide as soon as possible. Warner Brothers are even going as far as releasing The Matrix Revolutions all over the world simultaneously. I don’t just mean on the same day, I mean at the exactly same time!

Oh while your here take a look at the trailer for the next Pixar film, The Incredibles. Click here.

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